The Limit and the Wave was published in April 2014

by Potamos Editions.

A crippling general strike has brought Athens to a standstill. K. Kontikiadis, owner of the “Lone Peoples’ Café” traverses through the city on foot in order to deliver a parcel the contents of which are unknown to him. During the 12 mile trip he struggles to remember what appears to be a lost decade in his life: why does he retain no recollection of it and who is the man who leaves him daily notes at the café? Could he hold the key to his memory loss?


Later that afternoon Kontikiadis will unwittingly fall into a deep sleep and will awaken into an alternative version of reality with a tattered orange notebook in hand. In this fragmented world he will be forced to come to terms with a deep personal trauma and confront a dubious institute that is trying to take advantage of the economic crisis. But as things begin to make sense, Kontikiadis realises that it is impossible to wake up from his sleep.


Sophisticated, intriguing and haunting, THE LIMIT AND THE WAVE is an illuminating meditation on the after-effects of the economic crisis on the landscape and the individual and the fundamental human values that might be lost along the way. An astute portrayal of the not-so-distant future by a very talented and unconventional writer.